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Entry #6

What's coming next?

2010-12-19 07:06:03 by DrpOpZ

First of all, happy holidays to everyone!

To return the fantastic feedback i'm receiving from you all i'll just empty the sack and tell you what'll be goin on in the next 2-3 months:

- First of all, this summer i might have the opportunity to go studying at Pixar Animation Studios as an Intern. The "send all your stuff" deadline is March 18th, this means i'll be busy up with learning (again!)3D animation and realizing a video reel for the submission.

-I've got over 4 different storyboards for flash cartoons, and i just can't wait to start working on one of them (name's "Sneeze", and it should be the most epic between the others in my "to-do" list. I also have a very special collab in mind for this one, but we'll talk about this later, if there will be some chance of doing it, when the time comes...)

-Last, but absolutely not least, I've got 3 tests to study for (Analysis 2, Geometry 3 and Algebra 2... heh!) and i can't really afford to waste other time.

Basically we have an arena whose last standing warriors are Maths, Animation and an Unknown who could actually be My Future.

Will there be winners? losers? retreated? new entries? fired ones? poor victims of the society? plotters? jelous housewives? unexpected lawyers? scared monkeys? barking dogs? mighty pirates? kick-ass rockers? petulant bananas?
We'll find out!

Peace and Be Good!



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2010-12-25 01:22:37

Merry Christmas!

DrpOpZ responds:

Thanks! You too!