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What's coming next?

2010-12-19 07:06:03 by DrpOpZ

First of all, happy holidays to everyone!

To return the fantastic feedback i'm receiving from you all i'll just empty the sack and tell you what'll be goin on in the next 2-3 months:

- First of all, this summer i might have the opportunity to go studying at Pixar Animation Studios as an Intern. The "send all your stuff" deadline is March 18th, this means i'll be busy up with learning (again!)3D animation and realizing a video reel for the submission.

-I've got over 4 different storyboards for flash cartoons, and i just can't wait to start working on one of them (name's "Sneeze", and it should be the most epic between the others in my "to-do" list. I also have a very special collab in mind for this one, but we'll talk about this later, if there will be some chance of doing it, when the time comes...)

-Last, but absolutely not least, I've got 3 tests to study for (Analysis 2, Geometry 3 and Algebra 2... heh!) and i can't really afford to waste other time.

Basically we have an arena whose last standing warriors are Maths, Animation and an Unknown who could actually be My Future.

Will there be winners? losers? retreated? new entries? fired ones? poor victims of the society? plotters? jelous housewives? unexpected lawyers? scared monkeys? barking dogs? mighty pirates? kick-ass rockers? petulant bananas?
We'll find out!

Peace and Be Good!


Chef is out! (NEW ANIMATION!)

2010-12-14 06:06:34 by DrpOpZ

After many labours Chef is finally out!
Check it out! :)

Chef is out! (NEW ANIMATION!)

More complications...

2010-12-03 13:26:25 by DrpOpZ

It was too easy to just finish this damn movie in peace., so windows decided to start crashing with flash... Thinkin that i've just done a format 1 dam week ago to solve this problem.
But that's not the point.

The point is that the F**KING FLA FILE IS CORRUPTED NOW!

I had to import back the project from the SWF, loosing all the levels subdivision, scenes, symbols...
And if it wasn't enough complex, all the drawings were converted in graphic symbol (can you imagine the chaos?) and the audio tracks were mixed down in a single shitty-quality audio stream...

I wish this doesn't happen to any other animator out there...

So basically, here's another trouble slowing down the realization of Chef....

University and Chefs

2010-11-15 15:00:05 by DrpOpZ

Hey there community!
Me and the Italian education system need your help:
University and secondary school is gettin f**k'd up cause of new laws that will drastically cut education financing.
To spread the information outside Italian territory and to mark the gravity of this problem me and other guys from the science department of the University of Trieste made a video.

Now you'd say, "What the hell does NG fits with all of this?"
Well, my friend, it does for 2 reasons:
-The making of the video does actively involve Newgrounds, since all the soundtracks were picked from the audio portal (personally browsed by myself :D, i really love you all guys ;) )
-Newgrounds is a HUGE and powerful spreading channel, and it would be simply fantastic if such a similar community would help us out in spreading the video around the net.

Now, here it is. If you send it even just to another person, or simply check it out, you already are helping us and the whole Italian education system!

/* */
I'll also be very glad to know what you think both about the video and the Italian situation.

Now, let's talk about flash news:
first of all i would like to thank soooo much the "mighty ones" for letting Smoke Kills on the FP.
Really, thank you so much. Visibility is the best gift you could do to an "artist" (if i'm worthy of that title). I'll try to keep it producing decent material to submit to your judgment.

About new stuff, in my latest post i was talking about a "new animation coming in about 2 weeks". Well, development had some slowdowns both cause of the making of the video up there and of ordinary student troubles (like the exam i'll have to attend next Monday). Also windows's randomly crashing every time i use flash for more than 10 minutes...
In the next week, just after this dam exam i should be done with Chef.

One last note, to those who complained about "Smoke Kills" being too short:
As i responded in a review, i'm sorry about that! But these videos just take the time they're supposed to, not more not less. About that, Chef will be even shorter.
But i'll also tell you that i have one massive project in my to-do list which will hopefully come out after Chef.

Ok, i think i said enough about everything.
Thank you so much for reading all of this,
and thanks to this amazing community for existing.

Be Good!


P.s. I'll excuse in advance for eventual mistakes here and there. I just told you Italian university is goin down, no exception for english lessons... :D

New video on it's way

2010-09-20 15:52:40 by DrpOpZ

Hey everyone,
Little update to inform you that a new video is almost finding it's way to the site.
Should be completed in a week or two*,
name's "Chef" , featuring about half a minute of always enjoyable random taste and, of course, the original storyboard in the extra feature.

Keep tuned for news!

Dr pOpZ

*The release date may differ from the suggestion due to exams.

Greetings to the NG community

2010-09-16 05:05:07 by DrpOpZ

Hello everyone,

I just signed up yesterday, even if i was a NG watcher from much more time,
and i'm already feeling part of the community.

I'm just too happy to belive how fast and huge was the feedback to Misadventure and Smoke Kills, so i simply wanted to thank you all and make my sincere compliments to all the guys out there working hard for the site: you're all doing a great job!!
I hope my contribution to the community will be relevant.

Enough talk! I've got exams to study for, new ideas to put down on storyboards and storyboards waiting to become cartoons!

I'll try to update my profile with fresh news of what's coming next the more often i can ;)

Keep it up guys!

Be Good!